13 signs you're falling in love

  1. u can't stay mad at him/her for more than a minute or two. u actually have to try hard to stay mad
  2. you'll read his/her IMS over n over again
  3. you'll walk really really slow while u're with him/her
  4. you'll feel shy whenever you're with him.her
  5. while thinking about him/her...ur heart will beat faster and faster
  6. by listening to his/ her voice, u'll smile for no reasons
  7. while looking at him/her..u can't see other the people around u..u can only see that person
  8. u'll start listening to slow song
  9. he/ she becomes all u think about
  10. u'll get high just by their smell
  11. u'll realize that u're always smiling to urself when u think of them
  12. u'll do anything for him/her
  13. while reading this..there was one person on ur mind the whole time
that person is d one that u love
c yaaa

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